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  • The Call to prayer

    The Call to prayer

    I thought I would post something simple today. I’ve been busy with life and it’s social and financial demands. However, this morning I finally was able to spend some deep quite time reading my lesson for day and the beginning of chapter 30 which gives us simple directions on how…

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  • A list of my favorite ACIM teachers, and why

    A list of my favorite ACIM teachers, and why

    So I was speaking to someone about ACIM teachers recently. In the future I see Muslim ACIM teachers filling our space here but until then, this is my list. I’m 200% certain I don’t know all the good teachers out there. However, there is a short list of teachers that…

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  • Dreaming and our ‘Special’ relationships

    Dreaming and our ‘Special’ relationships

    I was speaking to a mentee of mine recently and the topic of special relationships came up. It got me thinking about how in our lives the closest people are often those we perceive as the most hurtful. How do we navigate that reality? Well the Course, and Islam actually,…

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