A list of my favorite ACIM teachers, and why

So I was speaking to someone about ACIM teachers recently. In the future I see Muslim ACIM teachers filling our space here but until then, this is my list. I’m 200% certain I don’t know all the good teachers out there. However, there is a short list of teachers that we can depend on because they are true to the Course. So here they are:

    1. Gary’s books with Arten and Pursah are key to Muslims embracing the Course. Otherwise I don’t think we would pick up ACIM it’s too Christian in language for most of us.
    2. Ken Wapnick is the foremost teacher of the Course. This is something Gary’s teachers have mentioned in his books. Here is the website of the foundation for inner peace, the foundation dedicated to preserving Ken’s teachings of the Course. www.facim.com
    3. Cate Grieves is the first enlightened teacher I’ll mention. I have listened to Cate more then David. I really enjoy her teaching style. Cate doesn’t shy away from describing her awakening moment and listening to her, there is really no other comparison when it comes to those who ascended and accomplished our goal. Her youtube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/@categrieves/featured
    4. Gary and Cindy have their Patreon Course online that I’ve mentioned before. The link to that is here: https://www.patreon.com/garyandcindyrenard/posts
    5. David Hoffmeister is the second of two enlightened teachers alive who teaches the Course. His website is here: https://livingmiraclescenter.org/ I haven’t followed David as much as the others which is why he is ‘lower’ on the list but I do benefit from tuning into him whenever I do. There is always no order of difficulty in miracles.
    6. Finally, Carol Howe wrote my favorite book about the Course, Never Forget to Laugh. The biography of Bill Thetford who was co-scribe and friend of Carol. She also has a few courses online you can download here: https://www.carolhowe.com/

Now I’m 200% sure there are more Course teachers that are good out there, and I could list others that don’t exclusively teach the Course but I’ve benefited from as well. This short list sticks to those who teach the Course well or exceptionally well and will keep you busy for a while (honestly Ken’s work would be enough).

May our road to enlightenment be smooth.

May we remember to laugh.

Safe journeys Beloved Mighty Companions on the Path,