A special form of the universal curriculum

On page 3 of the manual for teachers, paragraph 4 the Voice of the course reminds us an important point. ACIM is a special form with a special language of a universal curriculum that has taken thousands of other forms. Here is the exact text:

This is a manual for a special curriculum, intended for teachers of a special form of the universal course.²There are many thousands of other forms, all with the same outcome.³They merely save time. (ACIM, M-1.4:1-3)

The implication is that the only difference is ACIM is a faster form. I believe internal movements in Islam are some of the forms of the universal curriculum. As are strains of every other major religion on earth.

I appreciate The Course doesn’t assume it’s the only way to Heaven. I actually find that relieving. Gary is given advice in the disappearance not to try to ‘convince’ others of anything. But simply to present his experience. Honestly I want the same. Muslims for ACIM aren’t out to convert others, but simply to share their experiences of hearing the deeper call, hearing the echoes of a similar voice we are familiar with. In my case Tassawuf speaks volumes on Monism and the concept of unity with Divinity. I’m grateful my Muslim ears can hear the harmonics, the similarity, because what ACIM says and what I feel within my own non-dualistic understanding of Islam are parallel. I’m simply sharing this familiarity, this experience.

A friend listening to the Disappearance today commented on how she saw this man walking down the street and how she found herself thinking: Is it really true that him and I are One? I responded but it says it in our own sacred text as well “He created you from One Self” (Surant Al Aaraf, 189)

“هو الذي خلقكم من نفس واحدة” (سورة الاعراف 189)

I’m grateful for ACIM in that when someone cannot hear it within their own tradition, they can hear it spoken in ACIM and perhaps the sleeping self is stirred awake at last.