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Summoned at midnight in a jungle

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

I never contacted Al Habib Abu Bakr while he was alive. The Course only got translated into Arabic less then a year before his own death (actually I struggled to find a link on acim's site when I wrote this article with an arabic copy listed. This is all I found(1) and without a translation of the Disappearance of the Universe, which I don't believe exists in Arabic right now, ACIM isn't easily comprehensible for Muslims.

And yet, I was still awoken.

I had taken my immediate family to a farm in the middle of a jungle. Our accommodations were humble, we slept on mattresses on the floor with frogs and crickets chirping all night. Ants happy to come into our beds any time of day. . .

I took my kids to teach by example how the laws of heaven worked when reflected on earth, and what the recipe was to get back Home. Everyone was equal, everyone played a part necessary for the group's wellbeing, and it was always hard work.

Anyway, in the summer of 2022 while on this farm with humble accommodations and in blistering humid heat, I awoke in the dead of the night. I had a dream of my husband carrying the Ba Alawiyah prayer book and attempting to communicate something rather serious while opening the pages of the prayer book. He was facing me with the book in his hands, flipping through to the introductory page. I woke up startled. I thought somewhat annoyed and laughing, even Heaven doesn't seem to care I'm on vacation? So I picked up my phone in the dead of the night and did a google search: Any news of Tarim? Had Al Habib Omar died (the leader of the Ba Alawiyah currently) I wondered? No it wasn't him. It was non other thAl Habib Abu Bakr Al Mashhur. The Habib whose life's work and mine are so intertwined. The Habib who considers Muslim conversations around the end of times as central like myself. Heaven wanted me -and all of Tarim- to take note and . . . I did.

Here is video footage of the procession when his body arrived for the berial (2).

Here is an article I wrote about him previously (3).

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