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Parenting 101

So I was just listening to Dr. Ken Wapnick's work titled Love and Be Silent (1). I had to laugh listening and decided I needed to finally do a parenting post. Parenting is by far the greatest challenge in my own life, hence I don't post much because truly "I do not know what anything is for (ACIM, W-25)."

So here is what he said that got me laughing. He said from the moment we are born, we cry condemning our mothers when we are hungry. We are hard wired to blame another for our grievances. Crying babies are just saying "because of what you've done" we will cry. Your sin against me has had an affect and therefore it deserves to be punished. Oh the world of form . . .

Reflecting back on myself as a new born mom, on other new born moms I have seen, we are so stressed, so concerned for the well being of a tiny enfant whom we can't ever seem to console, and really they are simply punishing us for the effect of us being their parent. We give birth to our punishment. It's too funny. Very rarely is a topic taken more seriously then parenting and in the end the Voice for God tells us in ACIM our origin story was:

Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh (ACIM, T-27.VIII.6:2)

It's our fault after all, we wanted them right? hehe

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