Who are Muslims for ACIM?

​Muslims for ACIM are people who were raised in Muslim culture, with varying degrees of religiosity. Some grew up atheists within Muslim culture, some grew up in the West to practicing Muslim families or anywhere in between. Their stories vary but they all grew up either culturally or religiously as Muslim. And one day, each of these Muslims read The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. Like myself, what Gary’s teacher’s spoke about in the book felt true to their hearts, and eventually they surrendered to ACIM.
Muslims for ACIM have zero desire to create a sub-sect of Muslims or of Course followers. We simply have the special relationship of a similar background in common before surrendering to ACIM as our truth. 

This website is dedicated with love to ACIM students who have a Muslim background. We are a group of no dualists devoted to ACIM first and foremost. A group of ACIM students who are students of Gary Renard’s work with his teachers Arten and Pursah. We also happen to have grown up in Muslim culture this life time and see both Islam and the Course within a nondualistic lens. 

This is safe place for Muslims who are searching for a way to reconcile their Muslim faith in a way that feels good to us as both Coursers and Muslims.  Welcome! Thank you for joining us!