Lesson 307: Conflicting wishes cannot be my will

Conflicting wishes cannot be my will. (ACIM, W-307)

This happens to be the current lesson I am on. Please know, it can easily take me a week to hang with a lesson. I’m not able yet to follow in Christ’s perfection and do a lesson a day.. However, I wanted to share it as an example of lessons that speak to me in more then one ‘language’ to God. Lessons that have such a strong parallel in my Muslim database within.

I keep walking around with this lesson but I remember first the Quranic text which parallels it.
مَّا جَعَلَ اللَّهُ لِرَجُلٍ مِّن قَلْبَيْنِ فِي جَوْفِهِ ۚ .

Surat Al Ahzab Ayah 4 “and we did not create within man two hearts”. So in ACIM’s special language of the universal curriculum there is plenty of conversation on returning to the Mind of God. Rebecoming an original thought of Divinity. In Tassawuf’s special language it’s always a conversation on the state of your Heart. So this ayah is referenced to enforce the concept that nothing, nothing, and absolutely nothing but God is meant to be within man’s heart. To have any other desire, any other “wish” is to be in a two hearted state, which the Quran says is impossible.

So let’s use ACIM to shed light on a non-dualistic view of the Quran. It’s impossible to have two wills because in ACIM this world is one big illusion (in tasawuf this is consistent, we are dreaming and are in a ghafla). Being in an impossible state cannot exist except in dreams or delusional states of ‘grandeur’ in which this world lives within. The Shahada says it. There is nothing but God, and anything else does not exist. Our creation was to house Him who we worship, to say that in Muslim terms. Basically all our little moments of expressing will must express His Will to return home, and to transform out of our sleeping delusional state.

The state of having two wills, the state of having two hearts, is the state we are in now, in this realm of existence. We often struggle to ASK for and then to surrender to that One Will within all our little choices and following it and only it. Though I try to practice the lesson I find the Arabic Tassawuf form is the first and more immediate form that finds me. In the end, special languages of the Universal curriculum. We are all One.