One Course step and One Muslim step this Ramadan and are they different?

I’m up late at night the evening before Ramadan and thinking this month I want to do one thing in the Course’s direction and one thing from my Muslim self. So here is what I came up with for myself and I’m just sharing as a model. Maybe you can find your own Course step and Muslim step and perhaps, just perhaps, they meld into One Step in reality towards our higher goal of returning home.

So my Muslim step is a research project. I am researching a word in the Quran for it’s Quranic usage. Plugging the word into it appears 45 times. To go through the ayahs I’ll need to read two Ayahs a day and deepen into the contexts they are mentioned in to finish by the end of the month. Wish me luck! Of course, this is all research I’ll post about in the future here so stay tuned!

My Course step is listening to Gary and Cindy Renard’s Patreon episodes daily. Here is the link to that if anyone wants to join. for a small fee a month you get access to five years of recordings that happen twice a month and I’ve been a subscriber for a while but decided this month to step it up and cover a recording a day. Let’s see how that goal goes!

I won’t exhaust their recordings by the end of the month but I will have ‘put a dent in it’. What’s your Muslim goal and Course goal for the month? I honestly have a few other goals but these are the ones I’ll attempt to commit to. Nothing needs to be perfect. Both my goals make me happy so pick something that also makes your heart flutter.

Yours Eternally in the One Heart,