The Call to prayer

I thought I would post something simple today. I’ve been busy with life and it’s social and financial demands. However, this morning I finally was able to spend some deep quite time reading my lesson for day and the beginning of chapter 30 which gives us simple directions on how to start our day. I have an important meeting in a few hours and I felt I needed to be solidly listening to guidance today. I love that first section of chapter 30 and often ACIM teachers highlight how important it is (1).

Though my post today comes from this section of the Workbook at the very end:

Ours are the ears that hear the Voice for God proclaim the world as sinless. (ACIM, W-pII.14.4:2)

Something spell binding happens with the Muslim Call to prayer from on top of those minarets. I say it’s spell binding because even Hollywood and Westerners feel it. When Hollywood movies want to depict the Muslim world immediately the call to prayer is sounded from a minaret and we know we are in Morocco or Iran. It seems even non Muslims are moved, and I think it’s exactly parallel to the description in this sentence from the text above. It somehow mirrors our hearts, our internal condition. It evokes our memory of that long lost song (1). The Call to Prayer literally repeats the Shahada, “Nothing real exists, expect God”. In ACIM terms, there is no sin, only God is Real. I think the sentence points to an even deeper ability which is to hear the Shahada always, even when we aren’t actually hearing it, but physically we are hearing “noise.” Can we remember underneath the fake dream that we are listening to, there is our own internal longing that is intrinsic in our being and listens to Love’s call . . .